Home Remedy for Keeping Gnats Out of Eyes

Gnats are small insects that can be very annoying, especially when they are fluttering around your face. Gnats sometimes bite, but more often, they are simply bothersome, because they fly into your eyes, mouth and nose, while you blink, speak, work and breathe. There are several home remedy strategies for keeping gnats out of your eyes.


Protect your face from gnats with netting. Mosquito netting comes in sheets. Cut one of these sheets into 3-feet by 3-feet sections. Attach one end of the netting under a hat by sewing it securely. When you wear the hat, you will be protected from gnats and other bugs. If you spray the net with a bug spray or insect repellent before you put the hat on, it will protect your face even more.


Use goggles to protect your eyes in a situation where you have to see what you are doing and gnats are thick. Plastic goggles, such as those worn for science experiments, will keep gnats away from your eyes. You will still be able to see them, but you won't have to worry about them getting into your eyes.

Lemon or Vinegar

Use lemon or vinegar to keep gnats away from your face and eyes. Wet a rag with lemon or vinegar, and brush it on your forehead and cheeks. Do not get the rag near your eyes, because both lemon and vinegar will burn. The gnats will be repelled by the scents of lemon or vinegar and will stay away from your eyes.