How to Arrange Tiki Torches in a Yard

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Consider placing a tiki torch in the darkest part of the yard. Similarly, if you have a party, place a few torches where people park their cars so they have a guide at the end of the night.


Never set up a tiki torch near anything flammable. Bamboo torches are not the sturdiest decor. A safe distance is about six feet.

How to Arrange Tiki Torches in a Yard. A garden party or barbecue is not complete without tiki torches. These inexpensive bamboo stalks can be the quintessential decorative feature for your backyard. Before you twist them into the ground, consider these tiki tips for arranging a more appealing outdoor area.

Step 1

Outline the dominant features of the yard with tiki torches. For example, if you have a stone walkway, space out the torches on either side to line the walkway. The same can be done around a swimming pool or an above-ground deck.

Step 2

Allow three to four feet of space in between a tiki torch and the closest chair or table. The heat from the flame and the smell from the citronella can be overwhelming to guests if the torch is too close.

Step 3

Place tiki torches in areas of the yard where bugs are most likely to gather--a few feet from a porch light or near a tree, for example. However, don't place a tiki directly underneath a tree or too close to branches. This is a fire hazard.

Step 4

Use tiki torches sparingly, and consider the size of your yard before set-up. If you have a small yard, five or six torches is appropriate. Lighting 20 pieces of bamboo in a small area is not only dangerous, but it reduces the amount of free space family and guests have to move around.

Step 5

Space out your tiki torches evenly. One torch in the far corner of your yard and a group of five near the patio table looks silly and is ineffective in ridding the area of mosquitoes.

Step 6

Be artistic. Don't be afraid to put a little thought into your tiki torch arrangement. Sure, torches provide heat and light and insect repellent, but they are also ornamental. Treat them as if you were arranging a piece of furniture, and you will be pleased with the outcome.