Toro Snowblower Model S200 Engine Specifications

Toro is a manufacturer of lawn mowers and snow removal equipment as well as irrigation systems. The Minnesota-based company was originally founded in 1914 under the corporate name Toro Motor Company. One of the long line of snow blower products is the Toro S200, which was produced from 1979 to 1984. The model is now discontinued and not sold in stores.



The Toro S200 is a lightweight snow blower, which features a 2.5 horsepower, two-cycle engine equipped with a recoil engine starter. The engines for this model of snow blower was manufactured by Tecumseh and was assembled on a single stage chassis type that measured 20 inches wide. The base consists of two inflatable rubber wheels.


The electric start uses a 120 volt system that activates the pinion gear to enable the user to operate the snow blower. The S200 is equipped with Champion RJ18YC spark plugs with a gap of .035 inches. The snow blower's engine starts with a basic on/off ignition key. The snow blower's Tecumseh engine peaks at a maximum 4,000 RPMs during use.

Gasoline/Oil Requirements

The Toro 824 requires a 32:1 mix ratio. To operate the snow blower's engine correctly, you must mix 4 oz. of Toro two-cycle engine oil for each gallon of gasoline. The mixture must be filled prior to operation to prevent damaging the engine.