Landscaping Ideas for a Small Mobile Home

When landscaping around a mobile home, you need to consider several factors. Ideas and actions that are not normally used in foundation-built housing must be considered when landscaping a mobile home. Many are not permanent structures, and some are placed in mobile home parks, where you must get permission from the park owner before any landscaping takes place.

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Many factors should be considered when landscaping a mobile home.

Temporary Mobile Home

Flower garden
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Using pots is a good way to landscape a mobile home.

Landscaping is still possible around a mobile home that will be moved one day. Don't plant trees and large shrubs, as this will make it difficult to move the mobile home. Small plants and flower beds are best for these situations. Potted landscaping is also a versatile option for a mobile home that will be moved. Small trees, shrubs and flowers can be planted in small or large pots, and they can be moved at any time to rearrange the landscaping or to be moved to a new location with the mobile home.

Permanent Mobile Home

Single wide mobile home
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If your movile home is permenant you can plant shade trees.

More options are available if you know your mobile home is in a permanent location. You can plant shade and decorative trees, although trees with large root systems should not be planted within 4 feet of the home. Extensive flower beds can be planted along the sides of the mobile home, adding color and personality.

If your mobile home has a front hitch, small trees or shrubs can be planted around that area to hide it. Shrubs can be planted on each end of the mobile home; one end to cover the hitch, and the other to keep the home's appearance symmetrical.

Screening plants can be planted along property lines to add privacy to your mobile home's back yard. Evergreen shrubs are well-suited for this. Plant them a few feet apart and allow them to grow as tall as needed. Keep them trimmed on either side to maintain their growth.

Concrete and Bricks

Stone walkway on lawn
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cement squares can be used for a walkway.

Landscaping a mobile home isn't all about flowers, trees and shrubs; it includes walkways and patios as well. If walkways or patio areas are included in your plans, use pre-formed cement bricks. These can be found in many shapes, sizes and colors. Large concrete squares or circles can be placed on the ground for walkways and can easily be picked up should you need to move your home.

For permanent locations, line the walkways and patios with small decorative plants to give the landscaping a finished look.