How to Generate Loon Calls With Your Hands

When you build your home in the country, especially when you live near a lake, you will often hear the eerie sounds of loons on warm summer evenings. Calling to these special woodland creatures can actually get them to answer you, which will make you feel a special part of your spooky nighttime landscape.You, too, can learn to make loon calls within a few minutes and learn to chat with your woodland friends, as well as impress your family and friends with your new skill.

Generate Loon Calls With Your Hands

Step 1

Stand with your palms facing upward at a 45-degree angle from your body. Place the dominant hand, palms still upward, over the nondominant hand.

Step 2

Slowly curl the hands together, making a hollow ball with your hands together.

Step 3

Gently place the fingers of the dominant hand, which are now on the inside of the balled hands, on the outside while maintaining an open space on the inside of your hands. The two thumbs should be resting together, with a slight space between them.

Step 4

Straighten the fingers of the nondominant hand so that a space opens up at the back of the ball. The hand shape will now resemble a mollusk shell.

Step 5

Blow through the resulting whistle shape, while listening to your loon neighbors.