People are constantly looking for ways to improve the look of their landscaping. One fun thing that you can do to create a centerpiece for your garden is to use a tractor tire. A tractor tire can be turned inside out to create a giant planter. This is a project that you can do yourself at home with the use of a small backhoe.

Turn your tractor tire inside out with a small backhoe tractor.

Step 1

Stand your tractor tire up on end by lifting it up. It might help to lean the tire against a tree for better support. The idea is to keep the tire in a stand up position so that you can guide the head of the backhoe onto the top of it.

Step 2

Study the use of your backhoe controls and practice the controls a bit. You will notice that you have the ability to move the backhoe up, down, left and right. Once you get used to using the backhoe, you will have an easier time to turn the tractor tire.

Step 3

Control the backhoe so that you have positioned the head on top of the tractor tire. Push the tractor tire down with the controls and you will see the tire start to twist inside out. The backhoe head will apply tremendous pressure to the tire as you push down on it. The sidewalls of the tire will flex and buckle.

Step 4

Continue to work your way around the tire with pressure from the head of the backhoe until the tire is inside out completely.