How to Plant a Cleveland Pear Tree

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Compost

  • Carpet cutting tool

  • Bucket

  • Mulch


Cleveland pear trees do not bear fruit.

Plant a Cleveland pear tree in the garden for a burst of white flowers in the spring. In the fall, enjoy the purple hue of its autumn leaves. Considered an ornamental tree, the Cleveland pear can reach a mature height of 30 to 40 feet and spread 25 to 30 feet wide. Plant a row of Cleveland pear trees to create a dramatic border. Plant a single flowering tree as a lovely specimen in the garden.


Step 1

Select a location with full or partial sunlight. Make sure that no utility lines are overhead and that the planting site is far enough away from buildings and fences to accommodate the tree's mature height and spread.

Step 2

Dig a hole that is twice as wide as the root system and as deep as the root ball. Loosen the dirt on the sides of the hole by poking it with a shovel. Place a 2-inch layer of compost in the bottom of the hole. Add a 2-inch layer of dirt over the compost.

Step 3

Soak the tree's root ball with water. Cut away the burlap wrap on a balled and burlapped tree with a carpet-cutting tool or heavy-duty scissors. If the pear tree is in a pot, water it thoroughly. Then gently tug the tree out, grasping its trunk.


Step 4

Separate the roots with your fingers. Place the tree in the hole, fanning out the roots.

Step 5

Hold the tree in place as you add a layer of soil. Pour a bucket full of water into the hole to allow the soil to settle. Add another layer of soil. Then water, repeating the process until the hole is full. Keep the base of the tree, where the roots and trunk join, 1-inch above ground level as you backfill the soil.

Step 6

Spread a 3-inch layer of mulch in a circle at least 2 feet out from the Cleveland pear tree's trunk. Brush the mulch immediately around the trunk away so that none of it touches the bark of the tree's trunk.


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