Stihl is an international manufacturer of outdoor equipment such as blowers, chainsaws, edgers and trimmers. Their lineup of cutting hardware includes models appropriate for casual users. The Stihl 009L chainsaw provides plenty of power for smaller cutting chores while providing basic operator protection.

Carburetor, Filter, Ignition and Weight

Stihl 009L cutters have an all position diaphragm carburetor and an integral fuel pump. The air filter is a washable, replaceable large area felt mat. This unit uses an electronic magneto ignition with an electrode gap that measures 0.02 inch and a spark plug thread that is 0.37 inches long. The spark plug is either a Bosch WSR 6 F or a NGK BPMR 7A. This chainsaw weighs 9 lbs. without the bar and chain.


The Stihl 009L chainsaw utilizes a single-cylinder, two-stroke motor. This engine has a power output of 2 hp and a maximum speed of 10,500 rpm. The bore of the cylinder measures 1.5 inches in diameter and the stroke is 1.42 inches in depth. This unit has a displacement of 40.8 cubic centimeters. The engine requires a fuel blend of gasoline and 50-to-1, two-stroke oil at a ratio of 1 gallon of gasoline for every 2.6 oz. of oil. The fuel tank contains up to 0.61 pt. of liquid.


Stihl 009L saws have a STIHL low kickback chain and a STIHL reduced kickback bar. The bar is a Rollomatic model with a sprocket nose, measuring 12, 14 or 16 inches in length. The chain is a Picco-Micro1 with a pitch of 0.375 inch and a six-tooth or seven-tooth chain sprocket. The cutting attachment has a fully automatic oil pump that lubricates the chain. The oil tank has a maximum capacity of 0.49 pt. of lubrication. This saw is also compatible with Picco-Micro chains.

Controls and Safety

The Stihl 009L uses a pull starter to ignite the engine and has a choke control for starting under cold conditions. A throttle trigger adjusts the speed of the engine after the throttle trigger interlock is depressed. The hardware has a stop switch and a chain brake that halts the movement of the chain in the event of kickback. This model has a rear hand guard, a front hand guard and a chain catcher that helps protect the operator against a broken or flying chain.