Cypress mulch has been marketed for many years as a superior mulch to prevent weeds and repel insects. However, the benefits of cypress mulch are overrated, and continued use of this mulch has a negative environmental impact.

History of Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch used to be made from the heartwood of old growth trees. There is some evidence that this heartwood made durable mulch, but those old growth trees were harvested long ago.

Myths About the Insect Resistance of Cypress

Cypress mulch has a reputation of being insect resistant. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that backs up the claims of insect resistance.

Myths About the Weed Resistance of Cypress

Another myth claims that cypress mulch is more weed resistant than other mulches, but the weed resistance of any mulch stems from the fact that it blocks out sunlight so that weed seeds cannot germinate.

The Cypress Mulch Industry is Unsustainable

The demand for cypress mulch outstrips the growth of this tree. As consumer demand grows whole forests of cypress are being cut down.

Environmental Concerns of Cypress Mulch

Cypress forests play a role in protecting coastal cities from hurricanes and provide habitat for many species of wildlife.