Specifications for a John Deere 300CX Loader

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John Deere engineers designed the 300CX front-end loader to fit a wide range of its compact tractor models. The 300CX fits several models that went out of production shortly before its introduction and most of the JD compact tractors in the 30 to 40 horsepower range in production as of 2010. The 300CX attaches and detaches without tools and has a built-in parking stand, making it a convenient tool for small property owners who use their utility tractors for a variety of purposes.


The 300CX fits the following tractors in production as of 2010: 3320, 3520, 3720, 4005 and 4105. It fits the following out-of-production tractors: 4300, 4310, 4400, 4410, 3203, 970, 1070 and 990. In each case, a set of mounting points are permanently mounted to the tractor just forward of the operator's station. The loader is first connected to the tractor's hydraulic system, then the hydraulics are used to lift the loader onto the mounting points and the tractor frame.

Lifting Capacity

The 300CX will lift 1,122 lbs. to a maximum height of 102 inches, measured at the bucket edge. Measured from the pivot pins, the capacity is 1,598 lbs. The first rating is a more realistic measure of what you can expect from the loader, while the pivot pin rating relates more to gross lifting power. With a height limit of 59 inches, those capacities increase to 1,649 lbs at the bucket edge and 2,125 lbs. at the pivot pins.


The distance from the nose of the tractor to the front edge of the bucket determines how easily the loader can transfer materials to truck and trailer beds and how far into a flower bed a landscaper can dump a load of mulch. The 300CX has a maximum reach of 22 inches with the bucket raised to its maximum height and rolled fully forward. On the ground the reach is 58.6 inches. Since the loader lifts in an arc, the reach will decrease from 58.6 inches to 22 inches as the bucket is raised. Related to "reach" is the loader's digging depth. The 300CX can reach 5.6 inches below tire level while digging.

Breakout Force

The 300CX has a breakout force of 3,327 lbs./ft measured at the pivot pins and 2,416 lbs./ft. measured at the bucket edge. This measure indicates the capacity of the loader to dig into a pile and fill the bucket.

Cycle Times

Raising the loader from ground level to maximum height takes 3.56 seconds. Going back down takes 2.1 seconds. Dumping the bucket, from fully rolled back to fully dumped takes 2.96 seconds. Curling the bucket from level to fully rolled back takes 1.75 seconds.


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