Although pallets are traditionally used for stacking various materials and supporting their weight, these wooden structures can serve several other purposes. Add an open-top planter box to your garden made from pallet wood and other materials found at home or your local hardware store. This saves money and is a resourceful method for decorating your yard. Use these wood pallet planter boxes to hold flowers, produce or other garden items while livening your yard with a personal touch.

Make garden planters with pallets.

Step 1

Select a sturdy pallet and break the pallet down completely by removing the nails with the claw of a hammer. Set the nails aside for later use.

Step 2

Cut the wood so that you have 14 straight-cut planks at 14.5 inches long. Sand each piece to remove any rough surfaces.

Step 3

Align four of the 14.5-inch planks side by side and nail together. Vertically, they will form one side wall of the planter box. Repeat this process with four more of the 14.5-inch planks to create the second side wall. For all walls, the planks will be vertical.

Step 4

Align three of the 14.5-inch planks side by side and nail them together in the same way as the side walls. This will form the front wall with the planks vertical. Repeat this process to form the back wall and nail the side walls to the front and back walls.

Step 5

Make a base of two runners. Cut two planks the length of your longest wall. This length will depend on the width of your planks. Cut four equal short pieces to serve as feet. Nail the feet at each end of the underside of the two runners.

Step 6

Create a base by measuring planks to cover the open base area that your four walls will form when they are placed adjacent to each other. Nail these base planks together. Nail the two runners to opposite sides of the underside of your base.

Step 7

Place the walls of the box over the base and nail along the bottom of the walls into the base.

Step 8

Position the finished planter box as desired in your garden or yard and fill with your desired plants, produce, or other garden items.