How to Clear up a Cloudy Pool - Quick and Easy

When your pool water becomes cloudy and you want it cleared up right away try this quick fix. Pool water can become cloudy for a number of reasons, this works for most causes. You don't have to go to the pool store or spend money on lots of expensive products to get your pool sparkling clean.

Clear up a Cloudy Pool - Quick and Easy

Step 1

First, make sure your skimmer basket(s) are empty, then backwash your filter.

Step 2

Now add clorox or other liquid bleach. Use one gallon for an above ground pool and two for an inground pool. There is no scientific formula. Add this after all of the swimming is done for the day - no one should be in the pool for at least 8 hours after you add it.

Step 3

Run your filter overnight. By the next day you will see a remarkable improvement. At this time you can use a pool chemical test kit and adjust the pH as necessary.