How to Calculate Concrete Measurements

Calculating concrete measurements is a simple volumetric calculation that may require a few conversions (see Tips). Concrete is best calculated by the cubic yard or by fractions of a cubic yard. Having a calculator handy will make these calculations easier.

Calculating concrete measurements

Step 1

Find the area of the planned concrete slab by measuring the length and the width of the available space for the slab. Multiply these two measurements together (length x width).

Step 2

Determine the desired thickness of the slab. A 4-inch thickness is plenty for most applications. If you plan on pouring a slab that will be used to store really heavy items, such as an RV, a 6-inch thickness would be advisable.

Step 3

Multiply the area by the desired thickness [(length x width) x thickness]. It is easiest to begin with inches and convert them to cubic yards. For example: Length = 112 inches Width = 94 inches Thickness = 4 inches [(length x width) x thickness] = (112 x 94) x 4 = 10,528 x 4 = 42,112 cubic inches

Step 4

Divide the number of cubic inches by 1 cubic foot to find the number of cubic feet: 42,112 / 1,728 = 24.37 cubic feet

Step 5

Divide 1 cubic yard into the number of cubic feet: 24.37 / 27 = .9026 cubic yards Call your local concrete supplier and order this amount of concrete for your project.