Home Remedies to Remove Glue From Wood

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Glue is a handy bonding agent that is used to seal and connect a variety of materials. The substance does its job, but when glue gets on something you don't want—like wood, you want it off and you want it off fast. Removing glue from a wood surface can be a challenge. There are some home remedies for removing glue and any residue the substance has left behind. The key is to remove the glue gently to not farther damage the wood surface.


Using vinegar on a rag or cloth is one way to remove glue and its residue from wood surfaces. Vinegar is a non-toxic chemical you may already have in your kitchen. The chemical will remove epoxy and many other types of glue. Just soak a rag or cloth in a bowl containing about a half of a cup of vinegar. Then wring the rag or cloth out to remove any excess vinegar. Start wiping the wood surface with the soaked rag or cloth. It is best to work slowly and make the glue soft so you can "roll" it up with your fingers. Don't worry, vinegar will not damage your hands.

Once the glue has been removed, wipe the surface with a dry cloth to clean up any residue and to dry the wood surface.


WD-40 is not only a lubricant and cleaner, it is also a chemical that can remove glue from just about any surface including wood. You will want to spray the chemical on a rag and then apply the soaked rag to the wood surface. Do not spray WD-40 directly on the wood surface. Work in sections if you have a lot of glue to remove. Use a white pot scrubber, so no color will be transferred to the wood surface, to help break up any glue that has been on the wood surface for a long period of time. Make sure you open a window and ventilate the room or area you in because WD-40 does have a small. Also, wear gloves to protect your hands.

Once the glue has been removed, wipe the wood surface with a damp rag or cloth containing warm water. Dry the surface with a clean soft cloth.

Real Mayonnaise

Applying real mayonnaise to the glue spot is another way to remove glue from a wood surface. You will want to apply enough real mayonnaise to cover the entire spot. Make sure you cover any small fragments of glue that may had splattered around the main spot. Let the mayonnaise set for about five minutes then wipe it up with a clean rag or towel. Reapply the mayonnaise and let it set longer for tough glue spots.

Heat Gun

A heat gun can be used with any of the above methods of glue removal to speed the process up. Apply the heat gun to the spot for about two minutes at a time to help melt the glue.

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