How to Remove a Wine Stain from a Marble Counter Top

With the popularity of marble counter tops in today's homes, the potential for stains on marble surfaces has increased. One marble stain that has proven particularly difficult to remove is that resulting from spilled red wine. Fortunately, if treated soon after the spill, these stains can be effectively and easily removed without damage or residual effects to the marble through the use of cleaning agents available in most homes. Any homeowner can accomplish this task.

Step 1

Remove any remaining wine from the marble surface using a sponge or wash cloth.

Step 2

Wash the surface clean using a solution of one part dishwashing detergent to two parts water.

Step 3

Rinse the surface and dry thoroughly with a towel.

Step 4

Thoroughly soak a clean towel in hydrogen peroxide and place this towel to cover the entire stained area.

Step 5

Cover the hydrogen soaked towel with Saran or other plastic wrap.

Step 6

Place a heavy weight on the towels. Ensure that the weight is evenly distributed over all of the towel surface. (A stack of heavy books serve this purpose well.)

Step 7

Leave weighted towel in position for 24 hours and then remove the books, plastic wrap and towel. Rinse any remaining residue. Stain will be gone.

Step 8

Repeat steps four through seven should any stain still be visible.