How to Remove Rubber Cement

When it comes to removing rubber cement, most people are accustomed to removing it from hard, exterior surfaces, such as concrete. What do you do if you need to remove it from an interior surface that is soft, pliable, and unlike the rough exteriors found outside? Thankfully, it's quite simple to remove rubber cement from soft materials such as linen and cotton. With a few simple tools, you'll have those nasty stains out in no time.

Step 1

Scrape away as much excess cement as possible using only your hand or a plastic knife.

Step 2

Pour a dry-cleaning solution over the stain.

Step 3

Cover a cleaning pad in solution and place it on top of the stain.

Step 4

Remove the pad and replace it with a new one once it begins to pick up the stain. Be sure to keep both the stain and the pads moistened with the cleaning solution.

Step 5

Create a dry spotter using a small amount of coconut oil and more dry-cleaning solution.

Step 6

Apply the dry spotter to the stain the same way you applied the dry-cleaning solution, covering the stain and a cleaning pad and repeating several times.

Step 7

Flush the stained area one last time with the dry-cleaning solvent and give it ample time to dry.