How to Remove Formula Stains From Baby Clothes

How to Remove Formula Stains From Baby Clothes. Any mother who has fed her baby formula knows how badly it can stain the infant's clothing. Many beautiful baby items need to be discarded or donated because they are full of stains that won't come out in a regular wash. To save money, you can learn some ways to remove formula stains from clothing. Read on to learn how.

Step 1

Soak the item in cold water before you treat the stain. This makes the product that you use more effective and get some of the residue off of the clothing.

Step 2

Use an "oxygen bleach" product containing sodium percarbonate to treat the stain. Use the solution to pre-treat the formula stain or simply add it to the baby's wash.

Step 3

Put lemon juice on white clothing. Since many mothers choose not to use bleach on a baby's clothing, you need a natural bleaching substance like lemon juice. Spritz the juice on the stain and let it sit for some time in the sun.

Step 4

Place meat tenderizer on the stain. Oddly enough, meat tenderizer and water mixed together removes formula stains from baby clothes.

Step 5

Set your washing machine to the pre-wash cycle. This cycle is used to get out extra stains that may not be removed during a regular wash cycle.