How to Use Varsol for Cleaning

Varsol is a paint thinner that provides many different cleaning options. You can clean paintbrushes or remove built-up grease and dirt on a bicycle chain. You can even clean furniture, cars and many other objects by using the thinner to loosen difficult dirt. Using Varsol is simple, if not slightly messy, but the effort will yield cleaner items and satisfying results.

Step 1

Clean the soiled item with a damp cloth and dish soap. Remove as many large pieces of dirt as possible by rubbing generous amounts of the soap onto the item.

Step 2

Wash the soap and dirt off the item and place it into a container full of Varsol for a few minutes. Make sure the soiled parts of the item are fully submerged in the liquid.

Step 3

Scrub the soaked item with a stiff brush or steel wool to remove as much of the existing grime or build-up as possible. Rinse off the item so you can see any remaining dirt.

Step 4

Return the item to the Varsol and soak it until all of the remaining dirt is loosened and comes off easily by scrubbing. Rinse off the Varsol and dirt to finish cleaning the item.

Step 5

Place the cleaned item onto a cloth to allow it to dry. Use the cloth to rub off any excess water and let the rest of the moisture air dry.