How to Get Baby Spit-up Stains Off Your Couch

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Things You'll Need

  • Palmolive dish soap

  • hot water

  • old toothbrush

  • dish towel

If you have kids, you probably have baby spit-up stains all over couch. I know I did! I tried a lot of different ways to get the stains out but I finally found one way that is easy, gentle and works every time.

Step 1

Fill a small bowl with hot water and a good squirt of Palmolive dish soap. Mix it up so that you have soapy hot water.

Step 2

Identify the stains on your couch. Start with the biggest and most obvious baby spit-up stains. Getting those out of the way will dramatically improve the overall appearance of your couch.

Step 3

Dip your old toothbrush in the soapy water and then dab the stain. Continue to do this until your stain is good and wet. Then start scrubbing with your toothbrush. Use elbow grease!

Step 4

After you've scrubbed the spot and it looks like most of the spit up is gone, take your dish towel and dry the spot - this will also help pick up any loose debris from the area.

Step 5

Repeat on all of your spit-up stains. This will also work on some other stains as well. The best part is that Palmolive is gentle and it won't hurt the fabric on your couch and it doesn't have a harsh smell like some of the commercial sofa cleaning chemicals available today. Plus, you probably already have it in your house!