How to Use the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer

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Things You'll Need

  • Easy Steamer

  • Cleaning solution

  • Power outlet

  • Water


Use only Dirt Devil cleaning solution.


Do not oversaturate the upholstery or carpet when cleaning.

Removing stubborn stains from your carpet and furniture can be a hassle. Using the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer makes stain removal relatively easy. Using the Easy Steamer is pretty easy as well. There's little fuss and it's lightweight, so there's no lugging heavy equipment across the house. If used properly, the Easy Steamer will effectively remove dirt from carpet and upholstery with minimal drying time.


Step 1

Remove the solution reservoir. This can be accomplished by grabbing the handle under the reservoir and gently pulling it, while pulling the reservoir toward you. You will then want to unscrew the cap for the solution reservoir. This is located on the back side of the reservoir. Fill the cap with solution and pour it into the reservoir. Repeat this step once more.

Step 2

After you have poured the two capfuls into the reservoir, add hot water to fill up the reservoir and then replace the cap. Put the reservoir back in its original position on the machine and snap it back into place. Plug the cord in and turn the power switch on. You will also want to turn on the brush roll switch at this time.


Step 3

Release the unit's handle by stepping on the release pedal. This will allow the handle to move and be put into the cleaning position. Press down on the trigger for spraying and pull the unit backward at the same time. Let the trigger go and push the unit forward. This step will remove the solution and dirty water from the carpet. If the carpet is particularly dirty, you might have to repeat these steps a couple of times until it is clean.

Step 4

Clean upholstery by first making sure that the brush roll switch is turned off. Connect the attachment for upholstery to the adapter for the trigger. Take off the door for the hose attachment and put the adapter for the hose into the tank for dirty water. You will then want to put the connector for the base's water supply into the slot on the lower-left side of the unit. For cleaning upholstery, follow the same steps as you did for cleaning the carpet, beginning with pressing down on the spray trigger and moving the cleaner backward.


Step 5

Empty the dirty water from the tank by pressing on the latch of the tank that holds the dirty water. Lift the tank from its base and take off the lid. Pour the dirty water out and then rinse out the tank as well as the filter cage. Make sure that you lift the cleaner's front base off the carpet before you attempt to replace the tank. Once the base is lifted, put the tank back in place and push down on the handle until it snaps back into place.


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