How to Remove Glue From Glue Mouse Traps

Glue mouse traps have an incredibly sticky surface that makes it possible for them to immobilize mice and rats. Unfortunately, the traps often end up stuck to curious pets and children, who sometimes transfer the sticky glue to everything they touch after that. Removing the glue from fur, hair, skin and other surfaces is very simple and safe to do.

Step 1

Apply peanut oil to the sticky glue area. If the paper backing is still attached to the pet, child, carpet, wall, etc., simply coat your finger in the peanut oil and work your oiled finger under the edge, slowly working the trap off of the surface it is stuck on. Add more oil as needed. If the paper backing is not attached, just saturate the glue with the peanut oil and massage it for several seconds. The oil will eventually release the glue's hold and you can rub it off.

In the case of peanut allergies, substitute baby oil and follow the same instructions.

Step 2

Dip the wash cloth into the bowl of water, and squirt a drop of dish soap onto the wash cloth. Gently scrub the area to remove the oil and any glue residue that might remain. This step is especially important on carpet, furniture or other fabric in order to remove the oil before it sets in.

Step 3

Dab the area dry with the clean towel. Dry thoroughly, and inspect the area for any oil residue. If any oil remains, repeat Step 2 to remove.