How to Get Water Spots Out of Dress Shirts

Your favorite dress shirt has made it through many a formal luncheon and numerous important dinners unscathed. Even when you had spaghetti for dinner, your shirt still made it through without a spot. Knowing how many other things could have caused a stain makes it all the more puzzling to find that water has managed to stain your shirt. Water stains require a certain amount of creativity to eliminate. Fortunately, getting rid of these stains is easy enough if you know what to do.

Step 1

Dampen the stained area with clean water.

Step 2

Place a dry, clean cloth on the dampened area.

Step 3

Iron the cloth with an iron that is set to a low setting.

Step 4

Lift the cloth to check the progress of the stain. Move the cloth to keep a dry area of the cloth over the stain as the water transfers from the shirt to the cloth.