How to Get Super Glue Off of Wood Floors

Super Glue is a brand name that has become a synonym for cyanoacrylate glue in general. No matter which manufacturer produces it, every brand of cyanoacrylate glue performs in essentially the same way; a small amount forms a strong, almost instantaneous bond between two non-porous surfaces. Acetone dissolves cyanoacrylate glue -- which is good to know when you glue your fingers together -- but because it can also dissolve some floor finishes, you must use it with care when removing a spill from your floor. If you're worried about the finish, you might have luck softening the glue with a lubricant so you can scrape it off.

Procedure for Removing Super Glue

Acetone is the main component in many brands of nail polish remover, and even one that doesn't contain acetone may be effective -- you won't know until you try. If you don't have time for guesswork, use paint-grade acetone, available at hardware stores.

Step 1

Dab a little nail polish remover or acetone onto the glue spot, using the applicator brush from a nail polish remover bottle or a cotton swab.

Step 2

Let the acetone work for about 30 seconds; then wipe the spot with a clean rag. Apply more acetone to any remaining residue and wipe again.

Step 3

Use a razor knife to scrape glue that you can't wipe off. Rather than trying to work the blade under the glue -- which is bound to damage the floor finish -- scrape layers of glue off the top, adding more acetone as needed to make scraping easier. When the bulk of the glue has been removed, you should be able to get the residue off with a final application of acetone and a rag.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

Although acetone is the recommended solvent for super glue, you may want to avoid it, or you may not have any around the house. In that case, spray the spot with spray lubricant. It won't dissolve the glue, but it will loosen its grip on your floor finish and make it easier to scrape away. Other lubricants worth testing include petroleum jelly, mineral oil, olive oil and mayonnaise, which contain olive oil or another vegetable oil.