How to Get White Film Off of Drinking Glasses

Because of the transparency of glassware, keeping drinking glasses clean and spot-free can be a challenge. Dishwashing detergent can leave behind a white filmy residue that, when left to dry, gives the glasses a murky, chalk-like appearance. Use a white vinegar and water cleaning solution—which is safe and effective for removing stains on all kinds of glass—to keep drinkware clear and stain-free.

Step 1

Collect all of the drinking glasses that contain white film residue. It is easier to clean them all at one time, rather than cleaning them individually.

Step 2

Set all of the drinkware on your kitchen counter (or another flat surface).

Step 3

Fill your kitchen sink or water basin with 3 quarts of warm water.

Step 4

Add 1 quart of white vinegar to the water. Your cleansing solution needs to be 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, so if you have a small amount of drinkware to clean, such as only a glass or two, then you may substitute 3 quarts of water for 3 cups of water. One quart of vinegar would then be substitute for 1 cup of vinegar.

Step 5

Mix the cleansing solution and ensure that it is thoroughly stirred.

Step 6

Place your drinkware into the cleansing solution and leave them to soak for half an hour.

Step 7

Rinse each glass individually in warm water to ensure that the vinegar solution has been removed from the glasses.

Step 8

Spread a clean towel on a flat surface (such as a kitchen counter), and place the drinking glasses on the clean towel to dry.