How to Clean Paint Off Sheer Curtains

If you get a blob of latex paint on your sheer curtains, it seems like a disaster because no matter how you drape your sheers, the paint blob will be visible. It is possible to clean paint off sheer curtains and often all you need is some hot water.

How to Clean Paint Off Sheer Curtains

Step 1

If the paint is still wet, it's really easy. Take down the sheer. Run a little cold water into a sink and dip the part of the sheer with the paint on it into the water. Very gently blot it until the paint is washed away. Rinse it with cool running water and fold the sheer into a clean white towel. Blot until dry and rehang your sheer.

Step 2

If the paint has dried, it is still possible to remove the stain. The fresher the paint is, the easier it will be to get out. Hot water softens and almost "melts" latex paint, so this time fill the sink with very hot water. Don't soak the whole sheer, just rest the part with the paint on it in the water and let it soak for a while. Refresh the hot water if it starts to cool off.

Step 3

Since sheer fabric can easily be stretched out of shape when wet, it's important to blot the paint drip instead of rubbing hard. The soft toothbrush may be helpful in working the paint out of the fabric. Once the sheer has soaked for about 15 minutes in hot water, lay it out on the white towel, fold the towel over and press down as hard as you can. You will probably have to keep dipping it in the hot water and blotting it until you see the paint start to loosen and rinse off.

Step 4

To get stubborn paint out of the fabric weave, lay the wet part of the sheer on the towel, wet the toothbrush and gently blot and rub in a very small circular motion. Re-wet the fabric frequently. Unless the paint is oil based or has been on the fabric for a very long time, it should start to loosen and you can rinse it out. Always blot the sheer dry completely before rehanging it to prevent water stains on the fabric.

Step 5

If this doesn't work completely, try one of the paint removing solvents such as Goof-Off. Always test it on an inconspicuous area, like the hem, in case it melts or discolors the fabric. Follow the directions on the can and finish off with rinsing and drying before rehanging your sheers.