How to Remove Candle Wax From Furniture

There are few adornments so romantic, peaceful and calming than lit candles. Of course, it's easy to be clumsy. After blowing out the light you may have accidentally spilled the melted wax onto your furniture. While the resulting mess can seem daunting and a mood killer, there is no need to despair. Removing candle wax from furniture is a relatively simple process.

Remove Candle Wax From Furniture

Step 1

Allow the candle wax to harden. Attempting to remove the wax while it is still soft will only make the mess worse and more difficult to remove.

Step 2

Use a dull edge, such as a butter knife, to scrape off as much of the excess wax as possible.

Step 3

Dampen a wash cloth in warm, soapy water. Rub at the remaining candle wax until it is completely removed.

Step 4

Dilute a small quantity of denatured alcohol in water, and apply it to the stain to remove any dye if necessary. Wash it off with soapy water and rinse thoroughly

Step 5

Allow the area to dry.

Sophie Levant

Sophie Levant is a freelance writer based in Michigan. Having attended Michigan State University, her interests include history classical music, travel, and the German language. Her work has been published at eHow and Travels.