How to Remove Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers can sometimes leave white boards with stained markings that cannot easily be removed with common white board cleaner. This method uses a common household hand sanitizer instead of toxic or harmful chemicals, leaving the white board clean without ruining the finish or otherwise damaging the white board. The isopropyl alcohol used in dry erase markers is also found in the hand sanitizer used to remove marks the marks from dry erase markers. This is why it is sometimes possible to remove old dry erase marks from white boards simply by writing over the mark and then rubbing it off with a cloth.

Removing marks from dry erase markers.

Step 1

Wet half of a cotton cloth with warm water so that the cloth is slightly damp. If you do not have a cotton wash cloth, cut off part of an old cotton shirt that has been gently worn to use instead.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of the hand sanitizer that contains isopropyl alcohol to the wet half of the cotton cloth. Rub the white board with the prepared cloth in small circular motions to lift the old marks from the dry erase markers.

Step 3

Use the dry half of the cloth frequently while scrubbing the white board to pick up the marks that have been lifted. Wash the cloth and repeat this process until the white board is cleaned to satisfaction, using more of the hand sanitizer as needed.

Step 4

Dry the white board with paper towels so that no water marks are left from wet spots on the white board. Clean the cotton cloth in a washing machine by itself or with colored items in a cold water cycle when finished for future use.