How to Remove Burn Marks on Wood Floors

Burn marks diminish the attractive appearance of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors have their advantages over carpet, but they still need maintenance to keep them in a good condition. To remove burn marks from wood floors, you need time and patience. Although removing the burn marks may become a challenge, it will be well worth it in the end when you restore your wood floors back to their original state.

Keep your wood floors in good condition by removing burn marks.

Step 1

Scrape the burn mark with a pocketknife, which will allow you to see how deep the burn mark goes into the wood as well.

Step 2

Place the tip of the knife into the burned wood. Grind away the burned wood with the tip of the knife. Make sure to remove the burned wood by working with the grain instead of against it.

Step 3

Remove loose debris with a brass bristle brush. Brush with the grain of the wood, and do not press too hard to make any deep scratches.

Step 4

Remove the lose debris with a paintbrush. Carefully use the corner of a razor blade to remove small burned areas. Continue to wipe the area with the paintbrush.

Step 5

Add a small amount of tung oil to the area with a clean towel. Smooth the area with a steel wool pad if it feels rough, but add the tung oil to help restore the area.