Cat urine stains are unsightly, and often leave behind a lingering odor that is difficult to remove with conventional cleaners. The best way to remove cat urine is to clean it up immediately after it happens. However, this is not always possible and the urine soaks into the carpet, causing a stain and bad odor. If you have tried using regular carpet cleaner or soap to remove the urine, remove all traces of the old cleaner before proceeding to treat the stain.

Remove old cat urine stains from your rug.

Step 1

Rent a wet-vacuum or extractor from a home improvement store. Follow the instructions to fill the tank with water, then vacuum the stained area, which is much like vacuuming with a standard vacuum cleaner. Let the area dry completely.

Step 2

Spray a pet odor neutralizer or enzymatic cleaner over the area. Pet odor neutralizers have many different application instructions, so it is important to follow the manufacturer's directions on the packaging.

Step 3

Apply a carpet stain remover to the area if a stain is still visible. Follow the manufacturer's directions when applying carpet stain remover.