How to Remove Iron Stains in Velvet

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 tbsp. white vinegar

  • 2 cups water

  • Spray bottle

  • Clothing brush

  • Rust remover (e.g. RIT Rust Remover, Iron-Out)

  • Towel


A clothing brush is a soft bristle brush used for cleaning pile fabrics. It cleans delicate fabrics without crushing the pile. You can find clothing brushes at most fabric stores. If you don't have a brush, try using a soft washcloth instead. Have your water tested to determine if the iron stains are resulting from hard water. If necessary, install a water softener to remove excess iron from your water.

The rich feel of velvet is worth the extra care and maintenance.

Velvet is a rich fabric that is used for clothing, upholstery and interior design applications. Velvet requires special care to maintain its luxurious look and feel. The fabric has a pile, or raised surface, so velvet should be cleaned by hand or dry cleaned. If your velvet garment has iron stains, you have several options for stain removal. Iron or rust stains are caused by either hard water or your washing machine. In any case, the resultant stains can be tough to remove. If these techniques don't lift the stains, have the garment laundered professionally at a dry cleaners.


Step 1

Mix the water and vinegar together in the spray bottle.

Step 2

Spritz your clothing brush lightly with the vinegar water solution. Do not spray the fabric directly as the liquid can stain the velvet.

Step 3

Brush the iron stain gently, moving back and forth. Be sure to brush the fabric with the grain in order to maintain the nap, or pile, of the velvet. Do not press too hard as this can crush the pile.

Step 4

Place your spot-cleaned velvet fabric into your washing machine. Add a fabric rust remover that is safe for use on velvet fabrics. Check the manufacturer's directions and the fabric label for cleaning specifications. Most rust removers are safe for use on white or colorfast fabrics.


Step 5

Follow the rust remover's directions for use and launder your velvet fabric on your washing machine's delicate cycle.

Step 6

Remove your velvet from the wash. Brush the velvet with your clothing brush to straighten the fabric and realign the pile.

Step 7

Lay the fabric flat on a towel to dry. Do not put it into your dryer, as this can crush the velvet. Examine the stain to determine if further stain removal is required. If necessary, follow up the home cleaning with professional dry cleaning.



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