How to Get Orange Juice Stains Out of Leather

Oranges are tasty treats that are bursting with vitamin C and fiber. Unfortunately, when one of these juicy gems lands anywhere other than your mouth, an unattractive orange stain is often left behind. This is particularly alarming when the juice happens to settle on a surface that can be difficult to clean, such as leather. Porous and naturally absorbent, leather is prone to staining. However, there is no need to panic. Once the majority of the juice has been wiped away, any fluid that has found its way into the fibers can be easily removed with common household items.

Don't cry over spilled juice; it's easily removed with common household items.

Step 1

Press a paper towel firmly against the stained area to absorb the juice. Wipe gently to remove any fruit pulp that may be lingering on the surface of the material.

Step 2

Pour 1 tbsp. of mild liquid dish-washing soap into a small bowl. Add 2 cups of cold water and stir briskly until suds begin to form.

Step 3

Dip a soft cloth into the soap solution. Wring the cloth lightly to remove any excess water. Press the damp material against the leather and rub gently, moving the cloth in small circles, working from the outside edges of the stain toward the center.

Step 4

Wipe the soap solution away with a damp sponge and then buff the leather dry with a soft cloth. If any stain remains, repeat the procedure.

Step 5

Place 1 tbsp. olive oil into a shallow dish. Dip the end of a cotton swab into the oil and then rub the cotton against the leather, completely coating the affected area. The soap will have stripped away some of the leather's natural oils. The olive oil will condition the material and keep it from drying out. Press a paper towel against the treated area to blot up any extra oil.

Lisa Parris

Lisa Parris is a writer and former features editor of "The Caldwell County News." Her work has also appeared in the "Journal of Comparative Parasitology," "The Monterey County Herald" and "The Richmond Daily News." In 2012, Parris was honored with awards from the Missouri Press Association for best feature story, best feature series and best humor series.