How to Remove White Out Stains From a Table

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Things You'll Need

  • Penny

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Clean cloths

  • White vinegar


Avoid wiping the Wite-Out stain with a plain dry cloth as this will spread the stain.

Mineral spirits are effective for removing Wite-Out stains but may also remove stain or varnish from your table.

Spilled Wite-Out on your table can create a messy stain.

Wite-Out correction fluid is a convenient way to cover your written or typed mistakes. If the Wite-Out accidentally gets on your table it can leave an unsightly, white stain on the surface. Removing a Wite-Out stain from your table must be done with care so the stain doesn't end up being spread. The best method, when dealing with Wite-Out, is preventative. Protect your work surface whenever you use Wite-Out correctional fluid.


Step 1

A penny acts as a safe scraping tool to remove dried Wite-Out.

Allow the Wite-Out stain on your table to dry completely. Use the edge of a penny to scrape the dried Wite-Out from your table's surface. Continue to scrape to remove as much of the Wite-Out as possible.

Step 2

Place a dab of petroleum jelly on a clean cloth. Rub the petroleum jelly into the remnants of the Wite-Out stain on your table. Since Wite-Out is a petroleum-based product, the grease in the petroleum jelly helps to break down and loosen remaining Wite-Out on your table.


Step 3

Move to a clean, dry portion of the cleaning cloth and rub the Wite-Out stain to remove. Add more petroleum jelly, if needed, and continue to rub until the Wite-Out stain has lifted.

Step 4

Wet a clean cloth with white vinegar. Wash your table's surface with the vinegar-dampened cloth to remove the oil from the petroleum jelly. Dry the table with a clean cloth.



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