How to Remove Water Stains From a Fabric Chair

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Things You'll Need

  • Rag

  • Paper towels

  • Heavy object

  • Fan or hairdryer

Wipe up spills immediately to avoid leaving water stains on your fabric chair.
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Finding a water stain on your fabric chair is disheartening. Water stains leave behind a visible discoloration that alters the appearance of the entire chair. Whether a glass of water was spilled and not cleaned up promptly, or a wet rag was left sitting on the fabric, it is important to treat water stains on fabric properly so the problem doesn't get worse.


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Step 1

Moisten the affected area of the fabric chair with a wet rag. The area should be thoroughly moistened, but not soaking wet.

Step 2

Stack paper towels until the stack is approximately 1/8-inch thick. Place the stack of paper towels on top of the stained area of the fabric. Place a heavy object such as a glass vase or heavy pan on top of the paper towels.


Step 3

Apply air from a fan or a hairdryer to the area to transfer the moisture from the fabric to the paper towels. Hold the fan or hairdryer about 6 inches from the fabric. Apply the air until the fabric has dried. If using a hairdryer, make sure to use only the cool setting.