How to Get Facial Wax Out of Carpet

A glob of facial wax stuck in your carpet leaves a greasy stain that attracts dirt and debris. Similar to other types of wax, facial wax contains oils that absorb into the carpet fibers. Left unattended, the stain can get stuck to the bottoms of shoes and tracked over the carpeting. Removing the facial wax substance is important to getting the rest of the stain out of the carpet fibers. Careful removal helps you avoid spreading the stain or damaging the carpet in the process.

Facial wax quickly removes unwanted facial hair.

Step 1

Scrape the facial wax substance carefully from the carpet with the dull side of a table knife. Wipe the removed wax onto a paper towel and continue to remove the wax.

A warm clothing iron helps remove wax stains from carpet.

Warm your clothing iron to the lowest heat setting. Lay a paper towel over the remaining facial wax stuck in the carpet. Set the heated iron on top of the paper towel for three to four seconds at a time to melt the wax into the paper towel. Change to a clean paper towel and continue to use the iron to remove the remaining facial wax until no more wax is absorbed into the towels.

Step 3

Combine 4 tbsp. of rubbing alcohol with 1 tbsp. of table salt in a bowl. Dip a clean sponge in the alcohol and salt solution and blot the grease stain left by the facial wax. Let the salt solution dry in the carpet as it absorbs the grease.

Use the vacuum as the last step toward stain-free carpeting.

Vacuum your carpet to remove the salt.