How to Remove Paint Spilled Into a Swimming Pool

Methods for removing paint that was spilled into a swimming pool are highly dependent upon what type and how much paint was spilled. Latex paint tends to maintain its plasticity, while water-based paints will tend to mix easily with the surrounding water. Containment is the first step for latex, while filtering water and draining the pool is the best answer for water-based paints. Avoid potential clogged pool filters by draining from the top via buckets.

Scooping is the best way to get most paints out of the pool.

Step 1

Don a pair of rubber gloves and some old coverall clothing.

Step 2

Turn off the filtration system to stop paint from further mixing with the water.

Step 3

Remove pool floats, toys, automated cleaning units and any other objects out of the pool. Clean those items separately as needed.

Step 4

Set out newspapers near the pool's edge. Open up the pages and layer them on top of each other.

Step 5

Get a long-handled scoop and cover it with fine mesh cloth like muslin. Cut pieces large enough so they cover the scoop. Tie the cloth onto the handle with the ends of the cloth.

Step 6

Scoop up paint beginning at the area most concentrated with paint. Collect paint in the scoop and then drop it onto the newspapers.

Step 7

Change out the cloth. Remove the cloth saturated with paint and attach a new cloth. Repeat scooping and changing cloth until it appears that very little is getting collected.

Step 8

Drain the pool water. This can be accomplished from the top, one bucket at a time. This method allows you to filter the water through mesh cloth as you go. If the water is cloudy, it could be that lots of paint is mixed in. Plan for lots of work. Alternatively, if the remaining water is clear, drain the pool in the usual manner.

Step 9

Clean and scrub the sides of the pool with commercial grade pool cleaner and fill the pool with fresh water.