How to Remove Water From the Carpet

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Things You'll Need

  • Rags

  • Hair dryer

  • Shop vacuum

  • Carpet steamer


Open windows and doors in the room to create a cross-breeze. This will help speed up the drying process.


Don’t use a regular vacuum cleaner on a wet carpet. Normal vacuums are not designed for wet stains and can short out if they get wet.

Water spots on carpet are no reason to panic.

Spills are common in homes with children and pets. Even the best-behaved families occasionally have accidents, but there's no need to cry over spilled water. Accidents on hardwood are easy to clean up, although carpet can be more challenging. Water spilled on a carpet needs to be taken care of quickly to prevent mold growth and discoloration.


Step 1

Remove all furniture from the wet area. Furniture stain and paint can bleed into the carpet and cause permanent stains.

Step 2

Place a rag on the spill to soak up water. Fold the rag in half and lay it over the spill, pressing down with your foot to draw as much water from the carpet as possible. Replace the soaked rag with a dry one, repeating until the spot no longer feels wet.

Step 3

Use a hair dryer on the damp spot once the rags have been used. Turn the dryer on to the highest heat setting and hold it about six inches above the carpet, moving it back and forth over the spot. Ten minutes with the hair dryer should be enough to completely dry the spot.


Step 4

Vacuum the carpet with a shop vacuum for large spills. Turn the shop vacuum to the wet setting and run it over the carpet. Press down on the nozzle to draw water from the base of the carpet and the carpet pad, emptying the liquid reservoir when it becomes full.



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