How to Remove Colored Candle Wax From a Tablecloth

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Things You'll Need

  • Butter knife

  • Paper towels

  • Ironing board

  • Iron

Use candle stands to avoid wax drips.

Colored wax from candles is a common cause of tablecloth stains. The stains are easy to remove once they harden. With an iron and paper towels, you can remove the colored wax and then launder the tablecloth as usual to remove any remaining colorant. Removing colored wax from a tablecloth should take just one day.


Step 1

Place the tablecloth in the freezer for 20 minutes until all the wax hardens. Remove the tablecloth from the freezer.

Step 2

Scrape off as much candle wax as possible with the butter knife.

Step 3

Sandwich the stained portion of the tablecloth between two paper towels and place on the ironing board. Set the iron on low and iron the paper towel on top of the cloth for 10 seconds.

Step 4

Remove the paper towels and replace them with clean ones. Iron the paper towels again. Continue ironing and replacing the paper towels until all the wax is gone.

Step 5

Wash the tablecloth according to the instructions on the tag.



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