How to Get Black Grease Out of Clothes

Whether you accidentally rubbed up against a greasy door hinge or work on cars, coming into contact with dark grease is fairly common and can ruin your favorite clothing. Removing the stains and properly caring for clothing will ensure you get long use out of the garment and save money. Getting black grease out of clothing is not as hard as it may seem. You just take a few minutes to treat the stain, then wash the garment.

Keep garments clean by removing grease promptly.

Step 1

Blot excess black grease with a clean paper towel or white terry cloth. As you blot, fold the towel or cloth so you are always blotting the stain with a clean area.

Step 2

Scrape away grease with a dull butter knife, especially if it has hardened before you are able to wash the garment. Removing any excess will prevent the grease from releasing out of the garment into the wash during the washing cycle.

Step 3

Apply a heavy duty pre-treatment stain remover on both sides of the garment. You may also use a grease-fighting dishwashing liquid, which will cut grease and help remove it from the fabric. Apply a dollop to the front and back of the stain, and rub it into the fiber with your fingers.

Step 4

Allow the garment to sit with the stain remover on it for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, but don't allow the stain remover to dry before washing.

Step 5

Check the garment tag for washing instructions. Use the hottest water recommended for the garment. Add the proper amount of stain-fighting laundry detergent to the load for washing.

Step 6

Check the stained area once the laundry cycle is done. If the stain is still there, repeat the pre-treatment process until the stain is gone. Avoid putting stained clothing into the dryer, since the heat will set the stain permanently.

Step 7

Dry the garment according to care instructions. If the item is white, hanging it outside to dry in the sunshine will help bleach the garment, keeping it crisp and white.