How to Clean Candle Wax Off of Any Material

Candles can add ambiance to any occasion or be used in every day life. However, sometimes wax from candles can drip onto your furniture or carpet, making unsightly marks. With just a few easy steps, you can remove candle wax from most surfaces, with little to no damage. It’s easier than you might think. Read more to learn how!

Clean Candle Wax Off of Any Material

Step 1

Let the wax dry. You’ll want the wax to be fully dry before you start any removal process. If the candle wax is sticky or pliable, take an ice cube and hold it to the wax. After the wax hardens, use a butter knife or the hard edge of a plastic credit card to scrape excessive amounts of wax from the surface. Always scrape gently, as to not tear any cloth or material. If you are removing wax from furniture, skip the scraping process, so as to not scratch your furniture.

Step 2

Heat up an iron. You’ll need to have an iron and an old washcloth or dispensable rag. Set your iron to medium heat and place the cloth on top of the wax dripping. Gently iron the cloth until the wax is melted and the cloth has absorbed the wet wax. You can discard the cloth after you are finished. Repeat these steps until all of the wax is removed from your material or furniture. The process should be done the same way for carpet.

Step 3

Wipe down your material or furniture. After you are done and the wax is removed from your material or furniture, you can now take a wet cloth and wipe down the surface to remove any residue or whitening. If it is a washable item, simply throw the item into the wash after all wax is removed. When cleaning furniture, use a furniture polish or oil to prevent residual wax.