How Do I Get the Lint Out of New Bath Towels?

Wrapping up in a fresh new bath towel can top off an already perfect shower, but only if the towel doesn't leave your skin covered in lint. Manufacturers of bath towels make your first experience with a new towel less than memorable by coating the towel with a fabric softener to keep the towel fluffy.This softener makes it harder for the fibers to absorb moisture, and with less moisture, static electricity builds up and your towel suddenly is a lint magnet. Consider a few easy remedies for this problem.


Toss the new towels in the dryer for a tumble. As the towels flop around in the dryer, the lint gets knocked off and ends up in the lint tray. You do not need to use a heated cycle for this; heat actually may worsen static electricity buildup that will keep the lint clinging to the towel even as it gets tossed around. Use a fabric softener sheet to lessen the amount of static electricity buildup as well. When the dryer cycle is complete, take the towels out, clean the lint trap thoroughly and check the towels to see how lint-free they are. If some lint still remains, repeat the process.

Lint Roller/Tape

Make the lint stick to something else. Most department stores sell lint rollers designed specifically to remove lint from clothing and material. They are simply small rolls of paper coated with a sticky adhesive. The adhesive isn't strong enough to make the roller completely stick to your clothes, but it's strong enough to grab lose strands and fibers. To use one of these, rub the roller over the towels until no more lint gets stuck in the adhesive. This process can be a little time consuming, so it works better for spot treating. Make a homemade lint "roller" by wrapping some tape, sticky side up, around your hand. Pat the towel with the tape to get the lint to stick.

Other Methods and Tips

One non-conventional way of removing lint from towels is to rub a blown-up balloon rapidly to build up static electricity. Rub the charged balloon over the surface of the towel; the static electricity should make the lint move to the balloon. Simply run the balloon under water to get rid of the static electricity charge and lint. Spritz your towel with water to eliminate the static in the towel that can attract lint in the future. Prevent lint from building back up on the towels by keeping the storage area a little more humid, spraying the towels with an anti-static product such as Static Guard and putting the towels on a clothesline so the wind can shake the lint out naturally.