How to Freshen a Down Comforter

Few things compare with snuggling into a warm, fluffy down comforter on a cold winter night. What can ruin such a luxurious experience? A stale smelling, lumpy duvet. Think about it: You use fresh sheets weekly, so why wouldn't you want a fresh comforter? Luckily it is easy to freshen a down comforter.

Step 1

Wash your down comforter in a large or commercial-grade washing machine. Use the gentle cycle and a detergent like Woolite for delicate fabrics. Always use cold water.

Step 2

Hang your comforter on a clothesline for the afternoon. The fresh air will drive out any staleness. Change the hanging position every half hour, hanging first from one side, then the next, all the way around the rectangle of the comforter. This will allow the down filling to fall into place.

Step 3

Freshen your down comforter in the dryer. Spray the comforter with just enough water to make the outer covering a little damp. Place a dryer sheet in with the comforter, and set it on the "fluff" or "no heat" option with a new tennis ball. This will make your comforter smell fresh, air it out inside and refluff the down filling.

Step 4

Fluff your down comforter manually by shaking it out; then spray it with a fabric freshener like Febreeze. Use this quick and easy method daily to keep your down comforter fresh.