How to Make Tempur-Pedic Pillows Smell Good

Tempur-Pedic pillows and mattresses are made from polyurethane materials. The polyurethane materials produce a light chemical smell, which can be bothersome to you. Tempur-Pedic does not recommend that you wash your Tempur-Pedic pillow. If the pillow carries odors, there are a few possible remedies to ensure that your pillow smells refreshing.

Step 1

Remove the pillowcase, or pillow cover, and wash it with a mild detergent in cool water. Some Tempur-Pedic pillows come with a pillowcase that fits the style and shape of that pillow. The pillowcase is removable and washable. You can also place your own pillowcase over the pillow if you desire or use both pillowcases. A fresh pillowcase freshens the smell of the pillow. Wash your pillowcase and bedsheets often to ensure a fresh scent.

Step 2

Remove and wash the pillowcase, or pillow cover, and spray the pillow with air freshener, perfume or a fabric refresher. Spray both sides of the pillow and the pillowcase. If the pillow smells musty, or has a bad odor, a fabric refresher is the best choice because it eliminates bacteria that could be causing the pillow to smell bad.

Step 3

Wash and replace the pillowcase and insert an unused fabric softener dryer sheet between the pillowcase and the pillow. Fabric softener dryer sheets come in a variety of scents, and the scent should last a few weeks. The fabric softener dryer sheet acts as a deodorizer. The sheet reduces odors that are coming from the pillow. For best results, replace the sheet every time you wash the pillowcase.

Step 4

Remove and wash the pillowcase, or pillow cover, and lay the pillow out flat. Start at one end and tightly roll the pillow up, as you would roll up a sleeping bag. Unroll the pillow, turn it over and roll it up in the opposite direction that you rolled it the last time. Place the cleaned pillowcase back on the pillow.