Instructions for Sunbeam Steam Master Irons

The Sunbeam Steam Master garment iron is sold at many home retail, hardware and drug stores, and online. The iron offers an automatic turn-off feature, stainless steel soleplate, drip-free feature, steam shot option, soft grip, fingertip controls, and a vertical steam feature. The steam iron can be used to iron many clothes or other wrinkled items, and is small enough to store in compact areas. Operating the Steam Master iron is relatively easy, but should only be done by adults to avoid the risk of injury due to hot temperatures and surfaces.

Step 1

Lift up the cap on the water reservoir while the iron is turned off and unplugged. Use the included water cup to fill with tap water and pour into the reservoir to the fill mark.

Step 2

Plug the steam iron into a power outlet and turn the "Steam Lever" to "Dry." Turn the "Fabric Select Dial" to the correct fabric setting. Allow the iron to warm up for at least two minutes. Place the iron upright on its heel on a stable surface while heating.

Step 3

Place the fabric item on an ironing board and smooth out. Use the iron to smooth out wrinkles on the item. Press "Shot of Steam" to apply a quick shot of steam to the fabric.

Step 4

Turn off and unplug the iron when complete. Push the power cord retraction button to automatically wind the power cord once cool.

Step 5

Hang the fabric item on a hanger or hook to use the "Vertical Steam" function. Once the iron is heated, hold the iron vertically near the item. Pull the fabric taut with one hand while pressing "Shot of Steam" in three-second intervals. Move the fabric across the area to be smoothed out. Turn off and unplug the iron when finished.