How to Clean a Jansport Backpack

Jansport backpacks are made of a variety of materials, including durable polyester fabric and nylon. Many have leather-reinforced bottoms. Any backpack, even if you use it gently, needs to be cleaned occasionally. Dirt and debris from the environment make them look soiled over time.

Step 1

Open all the compartments on the backpack. Remove all the contents and then turn it upside down. Shake it out to remove any debris. Place the backpack on a towel.

Step 2

Brush off dust and dry grime with the lint brush. You can also use a hand vacuum.

Step 3

Fill a bucket with water. Dampen a cloth rub it over dirty areas. advises against using anything other than a cloth and plain water (no matter what type of material). Don't use detergent or bleach or machine wash them.

Step 4

Hang the backpack up to dry. Keep all the compartments open to speed up this process.