How to Eliminate Fuzz-Balls Out of the Dryer

After you spend valuable time and energy doing the laundry, it's always aggravating when you remove your clean clothes from the dryer and discover that they are covered with unsightly fuzz balls. Fuzz balls are actually chopped and crushed fabric strands or threads, occasionally mixed with hair and fur, that attach themselves like Velcro to your clothing. There are some things you can do to remove these fuzz balls after the fact, as well as a few things that will help reduce fuzz ball formation during the washing and drying.

How to Eliminate Fuzz Balls Out of the Dryer

Step 1

Prepare and pre-sort your clothes before washing them. Separate lint-producing items such as towels, blankets or sweaters. Turn dark-colored clothing inside-out before putting it into the wash load. Dark colors tend to show lint and fuzz balls more clearly than lighter colors.

Step 2

Follow your washing machine manufacturer's recommendations for load sizes, water temperature, cleaning product usage and lint-trap cleaning. Many times, overloading a washing machine or using an incorrect amount of detergent or liquid fabric softener will encourage the breakdown of clothing fibers, resulting in fuzz balls.

Step 3

Keep a pumice stone, lint-roller, box tape or lint-removal brush handy to remove any fuzz balls that remain on your clothes after drying. These tools are inexpensive and effective in removing all but the most stubborn of fuzz balls. You may need to use a fabric shaver or de-piller to remove tightly knotted fuzz balls.