Care Instructions for Cotton Gauze Clothing

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Things You'll Need

  • Gentle laundry detergent

  • Towels

  • Iron


Do not use bleach on cotton gauze.

Cotton gauze clothing comes in many colors and is popular summer attire due to its light, flowing quality. Cotton gauze is also used for accessories such as scarves. The fabric is more delicate than other cotton weaves; as such, it requires more gentle treatment to keep looking good. Care is not difficult, however, and requires little more time compared to other cotton fabrics.


Step 1

Hand wash or machine wash cotton gauze clothing with other (same-colored) similar fabrics in cold or lukewarm water. Hot water promotes shrinking and should not be used for cotton gauze. If you machine wash the clothing, use a gentle cycle to prevent wear on the fabric. For either hand washing or machine washing, use a gentle detergent, such as detergent for baby clothes or delicate items.

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Step 2

Tumble dry gauze clothing on low heat, or lay flat to dry on a towel. If you worry about the item shrinking, don't put it in the dryer. Some items, such as some cotton gauze scarves, dry best if you lie them flat to dry, after rolling them in a towel and wringing out excess water. This helps the scarf retain its shape and prevents excess shrinking.


Step 3

Iron with a cool iron if necessary. Make sure the iron is clean so you don't accidentally transfer a stain to the fabric. For further protection, you can place a pillowcase between the fabric and the iron.

Step 4

Hang gauze clothing in a closet or fold neatly, away from sharp objects (including zippers) that could snag the clothing.



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