How to Kill Bed Bugs for Free

Bed bugs are small, insidious creatures that can inject you with a numbing agent and suck out your blood. The little vampires wait until night, when you are sleeping, to feed and grow their clan. You do not need to pay a hefty exterminator fee to rid yourself of these creatures. Some common household insecticides and cleaning tools will help you kill bed bugs while they sleep.

Step 1

Freeze your clothing, bedding and stuffed furry toys within a trash bag for more than 24 hours. Freezing bed bugs will suffocate and kill them. Vacuum the infested area thoroughly, then discard the vacuum bag immediately.

Step 2

Use insecticides on infested areas. Use sprays around doors, windows, cracks and crevices within the bedroom or sleeping area. Spray mattresses and the drapes, as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, insecticide sprays with permethrin and malathion work best within cracks and crevices. Use lice sprays to cover the mattress, furniture and even the upholstery of your vehicle to stop the infestation of bed bugs.

Step 3

Replace your bed linens weekly and wash your clothing and bed linens with Borax in hot water that's 98 degrees F. Sprinkle Borax over your mattress and pound it into the material. Pounding helps scatter the Borax over the material while dislodging bed bugs and debris. Use a water spray bottle filled with hot water. Spray a light mist over the entire mattress. This will trap the ornery bed bugs shaken from their slumber under the moist, suffocating Borax. Allow the wet Borax to dry, then vacuum the mattress.

Step 4

Keep outside pets from entering the bedroom or the sleeping area, as pets are good hosts for bed bugs. Routinely bathe and guard your pet against fleas to prevent bed bug infestation.

Step 5

Prevent further bed bug infestation by routinely changing bed linens, bathing your pets, vacuuming the floor and the mattress, washing clothes and linens with hot water with Borax and cleaning around window sills and door jams.