How to Wash a Rubber-backed Rug

A rubber-backed rug serves multiple purposes: it's an attractive decorating item for the main rooms of your home, an absorbent mat that's also a safety rug in the bathroom. And, when you place it on a hard floor next to the door leading to the outdoor swimming pool, it prevents water from pooling on that floor. Like many household items, the rug needs cleaning. When done correctly, it'll last for many years.

Step 1 Shake It

Give the rug a vigorous shake to remove surface dirt.

Step 2 Wash Gently

Fill the bathtub with cool water and add a cap-full of gentle detergent. Swirl the soapy water; then add the rug. Submerge completely.

Step 3 Soak Cycle

Let the rug soak for a few minutes. Hand-agitate to release the ground-in dirt.

Step 4 Cool Rinse

Rinse the rug, front and back, with cool water. Pull the drain plug while doing so to release all the water.

Step 5 Squeegee Time

Lay the rug down in the tub and run the squeegee over it until the water is released.

Step 6 Air Dry

Spread the rug, rubber-side up, on top of your dryer or in a warm spot. Keep it as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles in the weave.

If you wash a rubber-backed rug in a machine, use gentle detergent and set the cycle for delicate items. Add a few towels to the load to balance it. Dry for a short while in the sun, rubber-side up.