How to Remove Silly Putty From a Blanket

Originally designed as a potential rubber substitute for use during World War II, Silly Putty has been used by physical therapists for rehabilitative therapy of hand injuries, as a house hold lint picker upper and even used by Apollo astronauts to secure tools in zero gravity. However, Silly Putty is best known as a toy for all ages. Children adore the putty but parents have come to despise the mess it can create when stuck to furniture, clothing, and their favorite blankets.

Once the putty has set into the fabric of a blanket, it may seem like there is no possibility of it ever coming out cleaning. In some cases, the putty may indeed ruin the fabric but many times you can use a simple solution to dispose of Silly Putty from the blankets you love.

Step 1

Place the blanket in the freezer for approximately 3 hours. Once putty has thoroughly hardened, remove blanket and crack large portions of Silly Putty with a hammer. Pull as much putty from the fabric as possible.

Step 2

Scrape the remaining Silly Putty from the blanket with the back edge of the knife or spoon. Vacuum the surface free of any debris.

Step 3

Spray the area to be cleaned with the WD-40 lubricant. Allow it penetrate for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wipe the area with a soft, clean cloth.

Step 4

Re-spray remaining stains with WD-40. Wait 3 minutes and wipe again.

Step 5

Moisten a new cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Dab the alcohol on the stained area then wipe area with a new clean cloth

Step 6

Dampen another clean rag and add a few drops of dish liquid. Use the soapy rag to clean off any remaining residue. Allow it to air dry and recheck for stains. Repeat steps if necessary.

Step 7

Launder separately from other fabrics, following the manufacturer's care instructions.