My Little Steamer Instructions

The My Little Steamer by the Rowley Company is handheld garment device that removes wrinkles from most pieces of clothing. Although the steamer is simple to use, you should exercise caution when using it to remove wrinkles from clothes. The steam coming from the unit is extremely hot and may cause severe burns if the unit is used improperly.

Step 1

Hold your garment up near the My Little Steamer unit. Verify the unit is unplugged. If it has been used in the last hour, allow it to cool down while unplugged for about 30 minutes.

Step 2

Twist the top spout clockwise to remove it from the My Little Steamer. This gives you access to the water reservoir hole.

Step 3

Fill the My Little Steamer with plain tap water. Pay attention to the water visibility line on the side of the steamer. Do not exceed "Max."

Step 4

Re-attach the spout and turn it counter-clockwise to tighten it. Plug the My Little Steamer in to the power outlet. Flip the switch to "On." The steamer will begin to warm up. Wait about three minutes.

Step 5

Hold the My Little Steamer upright by its handle. The trigger is on the handle. Pull the trigger while moving the My Little Steamer over the garment to remove the wrinkles. An up and down motion works best. Avoid staying in one area of the fabric for longer than a few seconds; this could cause damage.

Step 6

Flip the power switch to "Off" and unplug the unit. Do not remove the cap until it's had a chance to cool off. Wait approximately 30 minutes just in case.